About Us

Green Hill Funeral Home, which opened in July, 1995, is the first facility of its kind in Creek County to combine a full service funeral home with a cemetery. It is designed to provide the utmost in convenience and service. Our spacious lounge and visitation areas are planned for comfort, and our beautiful chapel is designed to serve all faiths.

Whether arrangements call for traditional burial at Green Hill, another cemetery or alternate services, such as cremation, we are here to meet each and every need. Our professionally trained staff is dedicated to continuing the Green Hill tradition of service to all who call on us.


Even though we have a beautiful, fully staffed funeral home, we have the fairest prices in the area.

We understand the importance of keeping costs within a budget. Our wide choice of services allows your family to choose only those services that are meaningful, and affordable. Sometimes people are hesitant to discuss cost, but we want to be open about all aspects of our services. The very best doesn’t cost any more; in fact, it will probably cost you less.


We believe we help most by listening and providing choices. Each family’s wishes are different. Our purpose is to take care of the details and complexities, while offering very personalized service.

Through diligence in planning and arranging every detail on behalf of the bereaved families we serve, we feel we are able to alleviate some of the stress of grief. Our entire staff is dedicated to the purpose of providing a helpful atmosphere and setting where grieving family and friends can reflect on the person who has died, and their meaning of life.