Green Hill Memorial Gardens is easily the most beautiful cemetery in Creek County and one of the nicest in all of Oklahoma. Nestled at the southern edge of Sapulpa, just off of alternate Highway 75, the cemetery is enhanced by the natural beauty of Green County. The goal of the founders and current owners of Green Hill is to provide the most beautiful location for our area families to come and visit the final resting places of their loved ones. Each Building and Statue on the grounds of Green Hill has been painstakingly planned to accentuate its surroundings. A large variety of trees and landscaped plants and flowers are situated in such a way to provide dignified and tranquil views while offering comfort and serenity to our visitors.

Green Hill Memorial Gardens has long been known for it's clean and ever present natural beauty that is open and unbroken by the dignified lawn-level memorials that mark the burial spaces. For that reason the majority of the grounds in each of the different gardens at Green Hill are made up of spaces that only allow for the Flat Bronze Memorials. But given that one of the main goals of Green Hill is to provide each family with the opportunity to memorialize their family members in whatever why they see fit, Green Hill also offers areas of the cemetery that have been designed to include the option for upright Granite monuments. Our newest Garden, the Garden of Remembrance, has many of these types of spaces available.

Green Hill Memorial Gardens is in the business of taking care of families. Therefore it is inevitable that there be many choices available to meet the needs and desires of the many different families we serve. In relation to the final disposition of our lost loved ones, Green Hill offers a great variety of choices. A large portion of the cemetery is designed for traditional earthen burial, but there is also the option for a family to choose spaces in our lawn crypt area. This is also a type of Earth Burial, but the Crypts are already constructed in the ground. For those that prefer not to be buried beneath the ground, the Green Hill Memorial Mausoleum offers both single and companion spaces for entombment above ground. There is also the option for above ground entombment in our widely renowned Veteran’s feature which rest in the Veteran’s Garden of Honor and gives tribute to all of our area veterans by proudly displaying their names on the several large slabs of black granite atop the feature. On the west side of the Cemetery there is also a Memorial to our area Veterans and it is at this location that each and every year, Green Hill Host the programs to honor our veterans on Memorial Day and Veteran’s Day.

Over the last several years, the option of cremation has become much more prevalent in our society and although Green Hill has for many years offered Niche spaces in the mausoleum for those that have chosen cremation, we have now taken cremation offerings to the next level. Green Hill is the only cemetery in Creek County to offer a full service cremation garden. In the newly developed cremation area, families can choose from many options. Columbariums are available to those who prefer above ground niche spaces. There is also the option for burial of the cremated remains with the space to be marked by specially designed cremation memorials. 

The Main Goal of Green Hill Memorial Gardens is to take care of families and to do this we believe it is very important to not only provide them with beautiful facilities but the beauty of many choices as well.

Cemetery Guidelines

Planning ahead is a very important thing for many families and we often hear families exclaim that it made dealing with the loss of a loved one so much easier. So for the sake of those whom you may leave behind and for your own peace of mind, please contact us regarding the planning of your cemetery arrangements. And when you are talking with one of our Green Hill family service counselors be sure to ask about our special discounts for Veterans, Fire fighters, Police Officers, Sheriff Department and Ministers.

As the number of burials increase in a cemetery year by year, the problems of ORDER, SAFETY, NEATNESS AND BEAUTY increase accordingly…It is much like a city that has to have zoning laws to keep growth orderly and to protect the whole against the few who would disregard the rights of others.

You must remember, that since the inception of Green Hill in 1962, there have been many hundreds of burials with many more being made each year.

We know that you will agree that the NATURAL LIVING BEAUTY of nature is the finest tribute we can pay to our loved ones laid to rest here in our care. So, to keep your park beautiful and within the bounds of good taste at all times we respectfully request your cooperation with the regulations set out on this form.

It is not our intention to displease anyone. Quite the contrary, we want to make Green Hill more pleasing to everyone, and we feel sure that these rules will make your cemetery a much more beautiful and comforting place in which to come and pay your respects.


…..ONLY CUT FLOWERS and small artificial bouquets will be permitted as grave decoration. These must be placed in regular vases…




At these times, other appropriate decorations may be used for 3 days prior to specific day…(Boxed- potted plants-wreaths, etc.) They will be picked up One Week After Each of the Above Days.

However, Please use NO GLASS OR POTTERY containers at any time. Also, use NO PIECES OF WIRE or anything similar to anchor a basket or pot. These are very dangerous and may cause injuries when thrown from under a mower or trimmer.


Any appropriate winter decorations may be used such as, wreaths, blankets, artificial flowers, etc. All Christmas flowers and decorations will be removed on February 1st.

From MARCH 1 to MARCH 31

All decorations in vase…this month is used to fertilize spray and clean for spring and summer months. Please, no wreaths, boxes, etc on the lawns for the month of March.